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For more than 40 years, Safer Foundation's mission has focused on reducing recidivism by supporting, through a full spectrum of services, the efforts of people with criminal records to become employed, law-abiding members of the community.

Adding contributing family members...

and positive role models back into our communities helps strengthen neighborhoods and tackles a pillar of poverty often overlooked. With its focused approach to providing employment assistance to people with criminal records, Safer Foundation has a long history of helping reduce recidivism in Illinois. When Safer Foundation clients achieve gainful employment, they have a recidivism rate of just 13 percent, a considerable drop from the statewide recidivism average of 52 percent.

By keeping people from returning to prison...

Safer Foundation remains at the forefront of prisoner reentry. Organizations and government agencies from around the world come to Safer Foundation to study and replicate our reentry models. We are proud to serve society in this important cause, and we look forward to expanding our offerings to those who need us most.Safer Foundation provides considerable relief to the state’s economy, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Illinois pays more than $38,000 each year to incarcerate each inmate. When our clients find employment, they no longer become a drain on the economy, and instead, become valuable contributors. With more than 4,000 job starts in 2011, Safer Foundation saved the state more than $152 million.

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