Obtaining Identification

In order to participate in Safer Foundation's programs, you'll need the proper identification listed below

Illinois Driver’s License or ID Card

To receive an Illinois driver’s license or identification card, you must provide original (not photocopied) forms of identification (click the following link to go to Illinois Secretary of State’s website for a complete listing) that prove:

  • Written Signature: For example, major credit card, court order, or social security card.
  • Date of Birth: For example, certified birth certificate, official school transcript or military service record (DD214).
  • Social Security Number: For example, Illinois driver’s license record, social security card, social security award letter.
  • Residency: For example, utility bill, vehicle registration card or any document in the other categories that prove Illinois residency.

Among the unacceptable forms of identification are: photocopied documents, bond receipt or bond card, check cashing cards, unofficial commercially produced ID cards.

The fees are: $30.00 for a driver’s license and $20.00 for a state ID.

There are 130 Secretary of State locations throughout Illinois, including:

  • James Thompson Center: 100 West Randolph, Lower Level (Loop)
  • 9901 South King Drive (South Side)
  • 5301 West Lexington (West Side)
  • 5401 North Elston (North Side)
  • Ford City Shopping Mall, 79th and Cicero (Southwest Side)
  • 2040 1st Street A (Moline)

Iowa Drivers License or ID

Check with the appropriate Iowa state office to determine what is needed and/or visit the office located at:

  • 2162 W. Kimberly Road
    Davenport, Iowa 52806
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