PACE Institute

As a division of the Safer Foundation Educational Services Department, the PACE Institute provides adult literacy and High School Equivalency preparation to Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) detainees who voluntary request to improve upon their educational level.

PACE delivers services to ten divisions within CCDOC.

Instructional Model and Methodology

The PACE curriculum consists of three different learning domains: math, writing, and reading.

  • The math curriculum has fifteen objectives, beginning with addition and subtraction and continuing through algebraic word problems.
  • The writing courses have thirteen objectives, ranging from sentence logic to inventive composition.
  • The reading curriculum centers around seven objectives as students learn everything from decoding to inference.

The PACE program ties the academic tasks to the mastery of each objective and allows students to use each in practical contexts.

PACE uses a variety of materials to accomplish its goal. While students use some standard adult education textbooks, particularly for reading exercises, the tutors in the program use a variety of texts, worksheets, and spontaneously created tasks to help keep students engaged so that they can achieve their goals.

CCDOC Divisions Served by PACE

The PACE Institute delivers services to ten divisions within CCDOC:

  • Division I Maximum Security‚ Males 18 and up
  • Division III Annex-Minimum Security‚ Males 18 and up
  • Division III All Security Levels, Females, 18 and up
  • Division VI Minimum and Medium Security, Males 18 and up
  • Division IX Maximum Security, Males 18 and up
  • Division X Medium Security, Males 18 and up
  • Division XI Minimum and Medium Security, Males 17 and up
  • Division XVII Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Program, All Security Levels & All Pregnant Detainees, Females 17 and up
  • Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Female Furlough Program (Electronic Monitoring), Females 18 and up
  • Mental Health Transitional Center, Males 18 and up

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