Transitional Employment Program

While many formerly incarcerated individuals have advanced workplace knowledge and educational/vocational training, many others struggle to secure permanent employment due to a lack of marketable work experience. Transitional Employment is one of the most effective initiatives for helping returnees find jobs upon re-entry.

Safer Foundation’s Transitional Employment Program allows clients the chance to build their work experience.

Transitional jobs are time-limited, wage-paying jobs that combine real work, skill development, and support services to help participants overcome substantial barriers to employment. Transitional employment allows clients to establish and employment record. The employment rate for individuals who participate in the transitional employment program is 33 percent higher than other preparation programs. In fact, upwards of 81 percent of transitional employment graduates go on to achieve unsubsidized employment.

In January 2005, Safer started Pivotal Staffing, LLC, a staffing service for people with criminal records. The program features part-time and full-time transitional job slots with multiple employers in many industries, including manufacturing and light industrial. Safer places its transitional employment clients into 90-day employment opportunities and then assists them as they move towards permanent employment. To further increase the likelihood of success, Safer offers a client support component, which features work-focused case management, transportation support, career development assistance, work attire, and retention support.

  • Loyola University’s 2011 recidivism study of Safer’s outcomes found that Safer’s recidivism rate was 63 percent lower than the statewide rate when clients maintain employment for at least 30 days.
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