Pivotal Staffing

Pivotal Staffing, LLC, is a subsidiary of Safer Foundation

Pivital Staffing

Pivotal Staffing, www.pivotalstaffing.net, gives you the opportunity to make staffing choices without the liability assumed with direct hiring. Pivotal Staffing is the employer of record, so tax burdens and unemployment insurance fall on us, not your business. Pivotal Staffing provides you with a pre-screened, quickly scalable labor force that comes with:

  • Transportation to your site
  • No temp-to-hire fee
  • Industry training and/or experience
  • Motivation
  • Flexibility
  • Administrative/Clerical support
  • A clear drug analysis
  • A fully-disclosed background
  • Payroll and workers’ compensation
  • On-site support

Pivotal Staffing can be used on an ongoing or project-by-project basis. If you suddenly have the need for a larger workforce, Pivotal Staffing can quickly provide employees without adding head
count to your payroll. Pivotal Staffing gets you the right people, right when you need them, does the screening and sourcing so you don’t have to, knowing when you save time, your business saves money. Pivotal Staffing specializes in light industrial and entry-level positions. Laborers, forklift operators, shipping and receiving clerks, janitors, cleaning staff, landscapers, housekeepers, machine operators and more are all part of our candidate pool. Also included are individuals with college degrees and formal skills like accounting.

Ready to get started? Call (773) 533-4862 today or visit us at www.pivotalstaffing.net.

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